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::hugs Alex:: I luv my b/f :) Anywayz...My domain should be up sometime this week.
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I got my domain working (finally)...but i was dumb and accidently overwritted my index file so i have to re-write the main page. That'll take about a week because i'm dumb and forgot had i did it o_O. I'll keep you posted.
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I finished my story :) But since I'm lazy all i'm going to do for now is post a link to fanfiction.net --> *Burned*. This is the same thing that will be in the fanfiction area too. :)
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Once again, I'm sorry i haven't been updating, LOL. I kinda have lost interest in my site again. I bet in a bout week I'll up and about putting of my new section- "Maxim Fun". I'm done editting chapter 11, but i'm ready to put it up.
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Sorry i haven't updated. I've been really busy lately. I apologize.I actually started retyping Burned, i'm on chapter5 now :) It should be up soon.
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Maybe tomorrow i'll update the story and crap like that. I still have to re-write parts because i decided to make Natalie from CC be apart. Read Cosmic Crisis or die!
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*Does a circle dance* LOL! LOOKIE WE IS GOIN' OUT WID ALEX!!!
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Just so people know that I'm on the fact that some of the fonts are smaller than the rest :| and i'm trying my best to fix it...
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Just a quick update here. See my new layout!? I like it. It should be easier to navigate now, lol. Well, i'm tired so i'll update tomorrow or something. Night!
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Sorry for the delay, i haven't had much time just to sit down in front of my good old computer. If your stupid and don't know the month of April is over and it's update messages have been to tthe end of the side bar :)

Wednsday was our band concert. Apparently we sound great but the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th bands were so much better o_O

Last night i saw the spidy run down (don't make me explain) and the movie is the bomb diggity! EDL. (<--evil devishlish laugh)Go see it! Believe me you won't be disappointed.

Tonight is the Junior High Spring Dance, *cheers* I'm going with Alex (CAMEL BOY!!!). After schoolmy mom is bring me to get the tips of my hair cyan! *cheers louder*

Well have to get going, got school in a half an hour!
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